What is the difference between Store Locator, Pickup Locator and In-store pickup

The Coronavirus pandemic will leave a huge mark on the history of our civilization. We can surely conclude that the world has been divided into ‘before’ and ‘after’. People acquired new habits and their consumption behaviour was also changed. The pandemic became a catalysator of engrossing growth of eCommerce, meanwhile making ‘Digital’ and ‘Contactless’ became synonyms with ‘Safe’.  
New ‘post-pandemic’ customers feel more confident buying online than their ancestors. Moreover, their expectation of buying experience is no longer differentiated by offline/online sales channels, and they expect to get the same high-level services, regardless of making an order on the website or in a physical store. The popular, before the pandemic, ‘Omnichannel’ trend became a ‘must have’ in the post-pandemic world.  
Today we would like to talk about one of the most popular omnichannel experiences that you could use for your business. While it could be overwhelming from the beginning, we will talk about the difference between using Store Locator, In-Store Pickup Delivery, and Pickup Locator on your website.

Store Locator

Store Locator – this is how your online store could tell your customers about your offline presence. Usually, Store Locator could be found as a map with positions of your brick-and-mortar stores or as a list with information. Why would your customers want to see this? Not everyone will be satisfied by only looking at a product online and before purchasing, they prefer to visit an offline store and touch the product before buying it. It’s the most relevant for high-end products with an extended lifecycle and, as a result, reduces the return rate of orders. How can you make it even better? Well, for each product you could show if it is available in your physical stores. The fanciest solution would be to allow your customers to filter your categories by physical stores – that allows them to wisely choose a place for a personal visit if they would like to buy multiple products in one order.